Words are powerful. What you say about yourself becomes a fact. Another word for word is seed and when a seed is planted it brings forth life. What words are being planted out of your own mouth about you and your family? Proverbs 18:21 says, “Life and death is in the power of the tongue.” The confession of faith or prayer is designed for you to speak into existence what God has intended for you.

This is an excerpt from the poet and minister Adele Hewett’s From A Whisper To A Touch (Waymaker), a collection of moving verses and prophetic prose that will awaken any spirit to the presence of God. Adele has been given the exciting appointment of ministering through poetry and painting a portrait of His glory through the unique gift of spoken word.

Humble in her presence and talented in her being, Adele reveals many of the mysteries of the Kingdom in divine cadences and poetic metaphors. The final version is fluent, eloquent and sheer poetic bliss. GospelCity listened carefully this week for more evidence of her prophetic revelations. As Adele whispers a few more words to our GC audience this week, we hope you too will be touched by the Master’s hand.

Christopher Heron: Adele, when did you first sense your calling to the spoken word ministry?

Adele Hewett: I’ve been writing poetry since I was 12. My mother was a very strong Christian woman. Whatever talent we had, she pushed us in that area [of talent]. By pushed, I mean she encouraged us. My area of retreat was always poetry. My brother, Howard was singing. I also have a sister, Carol, who writes novels and plays. Creative expression runs in the family. My mom would always encourage us to move forward in our gifts. I didn’t look at it as a ministry though until I was older. I was going out, reciting poetry, going to cafes or bars.

At that time I wasn’t born again. I had just left the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses where I had been for 15 years, but I saw something different in the church. I saw a new breed of Christians and decided to come home.

I remember sitting in a church when a prophet named Jefferson Edwards prophesied to me, telling me God had brought me a strange way, and there was no way that he could’ve known that I’d just come out of the Kingdom Hall. But he said God had brought me a strange way, and that I was going to meet strange and different people: my ministry was even strange. No one in the church knew that I wrote poetry and because I didn’t look at my poetry as a ministry, I didn’t understand what he was talking about.

One night something hit me and I knew it was the Word of the Lord. So, I just began to write; I wrote what I heard in the spirit. After I got finished, I knew He had given me a word for the Body of Christ through poetry. I showed my pastor, Jerome A. Parker of Harvest House Christian Center; who was the first person to recognize my poetry as ministry, also the first to have me minister to the people of God and that’s how it started.

CH: Well, your ministry has blossomed into a recording and a book that’s called, ‘From A Whisper To A Touch’. What is the relationship between the title of your recording and your message?

Adele: As I look back on things now, I realize that all my life God was always whispering to me. He was always talking to me in a whisper. But now, He’s really touching my life in a personal way.

CH: You come from a very talented, gifted family; your brother Howard Hewett was well known for his lead singing with Shalamar. You have other siblings as you’ve mentioned who are writers and performing artists of merit. Did you feel that your talent would become a showcase for others to be inspired and motivated by?

Adele: Before I was born again, I knew that my poetry touched the hearts of people; after I was born again I was taught that your purpose is where your talent lies. I knew I was walking in purpose one day after I had finished minister the piece, A Mothers Prayer (which is on the CD). So many women came to me and said, ‘That poem was for me.’ I look at where I came from (The Kingdom Hall) and where I am now (In the Body of Christ). I know God has his hand on this.

The way I started was, I would format my poetry and put it in beautiful frames. When somebody said they really liked a certain poem, I’d say, ‘Let me show you how you can get it free,’ I’d show them how they could have poetry parties in their homes by inviting some of their friends over and allowing me to come display my work. I’d minister the poetry to them and sell the framed pieces. I had a book I’d put on the table and after all the framed pieces were sold I would take orders out of the book. I usually sold out everywhere I went and I’d give the hostess a free piece of poetry (of her choice), beautifully framed, for allowing me to come into her home.

More and more people began to ask if I had a recording and that became my next venture. I made a cassette with my poetry on it, and went from one person to another, trying to get someone to see the vision God had given to me; He had his own timing for it and I just stepped right into destiny. I moved in the time He had set for me and here it is, on CD, and with a booklet.

CH: The spoken word is such a powerful means to witness for God. Is your spoken word ministry any different from the impact of a preacher or an evangelist who uses bible texts, anecdotes and metaphors?

Adele: I really don’t see a comparison; I believe people receive in different ways. I know that, if I do a poem or not, it doesn’t matter, God is going to say what He needs to say; whether it’s through the pastor speaking or somebody singing a song or whatever the case may be because He has placed all these gifts in the church for His glory. What I’m trying to say is that I believe God is looking at us to see who’s going to be obedient by speaking His word. It’s not about us, it’s about Him.

I believe God is bringing the arts back into the church. Another piece on the CD is called Caution; at the very end of that piece there’s a word from God. God is saying to make room for the ministries new and unique. He had given me those words before the ministry of dance came back into the church and that was definitely before I started stepping out with poetry in the church. Now look what we have; we have drama, dance, poetry, rap (which is a form of spoken word), and so many different types of singers who are awesome.

CH: Where did you nurture these talents, where did you grow up and how did your family function with all of these people cultivating these special talents that have now begun to be revealed?

Adele: I grew up in Ohio. I recall performing at the Civic Center in Canton, Ohio when Myles Munroe came to town. I opened up for him with a poem called Purpose (on the CD). He was taken aback. I got a chance to talk to him after the event and he encouraged me so much. Another person who encouraged me was Prophet Jefferson Edwards. But of course my main support came from home. My siblings have always been there me. When we were younger, we sang together as The Hewett Singers and were encouraged by some of today’s gospel greats like Shirley Ceaser, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Staple Singers, etc. We learned at a very early age that we could do ALL things through Christ who gives us our strength.

CH: Frequently, we as Christians don’t have a clear vision of where we’re heading as we press forward but God is always creating a path for us. What encouragement would you offer for those who are trying to nurture their talent to use for God’s purpose, even though the journey is filled with a lot of uncertainty?

Adele: I would encourage them to stay grounded, seek God in everything they do and never look at the way things appear; God’s end result is the important thing. If He has called you to a particular gift; He doesn’t give you a vision without provision. God is working it out.

Originally published on GospelCity.com.