Vessel of Clay


The stage production, “Vessel of Clay”, is an action-packed portrayal of the spiritual transformation of a thief named Ben St. Clair. After becoming seriously wounded in a jewelry heist gone bad, Ben St. Clair and his partners in crime devise a plot that point him in the direction of the local church but not for the sake of righteousness. However, Ben loses sight of his mission when he is embraced by the church’s first family. The story takes a dangerous turn when his friend Mason reappears and threatens to uncover Ben’s true identity if Ben does not stay focused and complete their initial plan.

“Vessel of Clay” is set up to take the audience through a maze of twists and turns that spin out of control, climaxing into a choice between a former life of crime or a life of faith and love.

Viewers will be spellbound. Believers will be encouraged. And unbelievers will be changed.

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Vessel of Clay

Even in the midst of the fire . . . . .



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