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Erasing darkness by spreading light

My Story

Adele Hewett was born in Akron, Ohio. She started writing poetry when she was 12 years old, but what she thought to be a fun past time of entertainment, turned out to be the purpose God would use to touch the hearts of His people.  She and her siblings formed the gospel group, The Hewett Singers and began to travel, but she never forgot her first love, poetry.  She completed her  CD, “From a Whisper to a Touch”, in 2003 and it is still sweeping the country.  Her words are simple, yet piercing to the hearts of those listening. She carries on the legacy of her mother, the late Charlena Hewett Brown who was known in Akron Ohio as, The Lady with the golden voice.  Her siblings have moved on into their own professions, which includes writer’s and singers, such as, Grammy Award winner, Howard Hewett of the popular 1980s group, “Shalamar”  and CJ Hewett, author of the novel, “Swift & Silent”.

Adele speaks words that stir the spirit and touch the soul.  She has ministered across the country through poetry, obeying God’s call to paint a portrait of His glory through the ministry of spoken word.

Today,  Adele adds author to her long list of talents. Her storytelling ability spills over into her new novel, “Shadow in the Mirror.”  A story that centers around horrific abuse that leads the main character, Leslee Cramer, into  a life she does not recognize and begins to weave a beautiful story of love and forgiveness.

Another avenue in which Adele found to touch hearts is in her many stage productions.  Her expertise here stems from a seven year love affair with the stage in a play called, Fences Between, written by Lois Digiacomo.  Adele played one of the leading roles and went on to serve on the board of, Rainbow Reparatory Company of Canton, Ohio until 1999.  She then moved to Phoenix,  Arizona where she continued to perfect her skill by becoming the director of the arts ministry at her church. From that ministry, ‘Yielded Vessel Mime Ministry’, was born.  She took on the role of  Business Manager for this awesome ministry and traveled with them from state to state, also wearing the hat as their public relations person.  But her love affair with the stage continued and she finally slowed down long enough to write her latest play, “Vessel of Clay”, which communicates to its audience the power of love.  When you turn fear into power, you become victorious even in the midst of the fire.

She received her Certificate Of Ordination in March of 2006 and her Bachelor of Science in business and communication in 2011.

My Work

Reflections from Within

When do you tell the man you love that you suffer from an incurable identity disorder? When is it the right time to have that type of conversation? Multiple Personality Disorder is real and like her mother; Leslee Cramer, in the novel, Shadow in The Mirror, Kelly has learned to manage hers – until now.

Shadow in the Mirror

Leslee Cramer suffers from multiple personality disorder, the result of childhood abuse. Because of this illness, she has been known to find herself suddenly in strange places with no understanding of how she got there, having lost time along the way. But when she wakes up in a strange bed with a strange man who claims to be her husband, she knows something drastic has changed.

Range Of Darkness by [Adele Veal]

Range of Darkness

A simple butterfly necklace uncovers secrets from the grave so astonishing that Gee Haynes has to admit, fate doesn’t play by anybody’s rule. In Adele Hewett Veal’s latest novel, Range Of Darkness, Gee Haynes finds herself back in San Diego to work her last case before moving to Gilbert, AZ to marry the man of her dreams, Keith Jenison. It’s not long before Gee realizes she’s working more than one case. One that almost cost her, her life and the other that alters her future. Range Of Darkness is more than just another psychological thriller, it’s an unpredictable rollercoaster ride that will stay with you long after the last page has been turned.

From a Whisper to a Touch

An inspirational and encouraging words about life, love, and spirituality.

I’ve always been in love with the stage and viewed it as an awesome way to teach life lessons. In my research about the visual arts, I learned that 86 percent of what a person sees is retained so what a powerful tool the stage could be if used properly.

– Adele Hewett

In the dimly lit streets of San Diego, private investigator Ryan Parrish finds herself ensnared in a deadly game. Chased by the relentless Jake Wiliamson, a figure from her past, Ryan is entangled in a dangerous web of events over a military chip laden with explosive national secrets. As danger interrupts her once safe haven, not only is her life at stake but also those she holds dear. In a twist of fate, Ryan seeks help from an old flame, reigniting a fiery, unresolved conflict and a smoldering romance. As they navigate through a maze of old wounds and new dangers, they must reconcile their tumultuous history. Will their reignited bond be strong enough to shield them from Jake’s threats?

Get ready to be swept away in a riveting saga filled with suspense, passsion, and twists that will leave you gasping until the last page.