Shadow in the Mirror

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is said to be a serious affliction that can affect children who have been severely abused.
Leslie Cramer suffers from this disorder. Because of it, she has been known to ‘wake up’ in strange places without any explanation as to how she got there. Today is no different — today she woke up in a strange bed with a strange man who admits to being her husband. Today she discovers that she has two children, and today she realizes that her alternate personality, Lee Cramer, has been ‘awake’ for ten years. It becomes apparent that Lee’s escapades have alienated her from her husband and caused her children to be frightened to death of her, with good reason. Lee is the terrifying alternate personality who believes Les deserves to die shamelessly while setting up the scheme to carry it through.
Les has no other choice except to turn to her long- time friend, Veronica Moore, for help. Veronica is the only other person besides Les’ doctor, Dr. Paul Whitfield, who knows about her disorder. With Veronica’s help, Les finds the strength to hold onto her true identity and fights to recover everything that she is on the brink of losing . . . her family.
Shadow in the Mirror, is a love story that reaches beyond the familiar attributes of a person and peers into the mirrored image of the soul. It is a story woven around the strongest forces of life; love and forgiveness.


Here in, REFLECTIONS FROM WITHIN, the two children of LESLEE and KEVIN JENISON from, SHADOW IN THE MIRROR, are all grown up, KEITH attends the police academy and becomes a police officer and KELLY goes off to college, but she’s faced with a dilemma.

She wonders when it is the right time to tell the man you love, you suffer from an incurable identity disorder?

Multiple Personality Disorder is real and like her mother, Leslee Cramer, in the novel, Shadow in The Mirror, Kelly has learned to manage hers…until now. In March of 2014 she mysteriously disappears.

Keith is under so much stress trying to find his sister that his mom and dad insist he go away for a couple of days to a ski lodge in the mountains to get his mind off of the search. Although he goes, he takes his work with him and continues searching.

This is where he meets, Gee Haynes, a spunky private investigator. They don’t hit it off very well at first but, Gee has a way about her and in time Keith falls head over hills in love. She uses her expertise to show Keith a better way to search for his sister and even goes as far as leaving the ski lodge and working alongside him to find Kelly.

Just as mystifying as when Kelly disappeared, she re-appears, beaten and stabbed as a Jane Doe at the local hospital.

Now, Gee and Keith’s pursuit turns critical when they change course to find out who stabbed Kelly and left her for dead. They rifle through clues that lead them to a crew of human traffickers and a person who reaches through the generations to even a score. 

So, get ready for a breathtaking story that will take you on another romantic binge. The twists and turns of Kelly’s consciousness will leave you clutching your heart and wondering…

Will she be lured away by Daniel or swept away by Pen?

The long awaited sequel to, SHADOW IN THE MIRROR, is available on, Barnes and Nobles, and many other online book stores.

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